Treatments / Assessments



Clarify the basis of any psychological concerns.

Pinpointing the underlying stresses in the body that cause inflammation by  finding the underlying imbalances and disorders  in the body. Conduct a full body assessment using cutting edge technology. Determine the potential for the client to present with anxious distress, melancholic, mixed or psychotic features, or catatonic depression.


Duration: 1-2 Hour

Cost: $3,999

Available in Oakland and California.


pay per day treatments

We employ only tried-and-true techniques for identifying illnesses; prescribe only the proper treatment in the proper doses; and always – always – re-evaluate our approach to curing illnesses until we make the individual – and therefore society – whole.

Complete all items on all pertinent forms at the conclusion of the interview process (within 72 hours of intake) and file the completed form in the patient’s clinical record


1- Day Treatment: $1,750

7- Days Treatment: $9,999

*30 Day CYOUR Treatment : $ 42,000

*Money Back Guarantee


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• Keynote Speeches, Expert Panel Guest/Moderation & Workshop Facilitation

• Podcast, Print & OnAir Interviews,

• School & Workplace Trauma Training,

• Mental Health Legal Briefs,

• Crisis Response Planning & Consulting, and

• Individual and Group Treatment Plans using BioScan Technology