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Dr. Trauma has developed effective methods, to eradicate the cycle of

emotional pain

unhealthy emotions


suicidal thoughts


performance anxiety


and other mental health challenges

"We can no longer afford to keep waiting until a crisis to get help. When someone is in crisis the last thing he or she will do is call a hotline. From a prevention standpoint, we are losing because are waiting for incidents. Being proactive is the only way to save your children, spouses, families, students, coworkers, and neighbors."

- Dr. Denyse Hicks-Ray, BCETS, FAAET

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• Keynote Speeches, Expert Panel Guest/Moderation & Workshop Facilitation

• Podcast, Print & OnAir Interviews,

• School & Workplace Trauma Training,

• Mental Health Legal Briefs,

• Crisis Response Planning & Consulting, and

• Individual and Group Treatment Plans using BioScan Technology

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