The front page of any major newspaper will cite examples of politicians, sports heroes; business and religious leaders who have lost freedom and reputations due to values in living that are destructive to themselves and society.

We provide solutions for those who practice lifestyles of addiction, violence, sexual misconduct, and deceit!

Free and safe men and women are generally self-reliant, independent, and live without compulsion or negative habits. They are capable of choosing for themselves and they are not bound, restrained, limited or detained.

Remember, the discussion of these patterns of thinking is not meant as a put-down. These beliefs do not mean that we are crazy. Virtually everyone demonstrates these ways of thinking to some degree. It is just that someone leading an unsafe lifestyle will think this way more than most “other” people.

You owe it to yourself to consider seriously looking at your mental state.


Premier provider of holistic emotional wellness services.

"Each degree of emotional Trauma requires a different approach to healing."

- Denyse Hicks-Ray Ph.D., BCETS, FAAETS - Founding Director – Psychological Trauma Specialist


Analyzing the energetic level

Non-Invasive Treatment

Pinpointing the underlying stresses in the body that cause inflammation by finding the underlying imbalances and disorders in the body. We employ only tried-and-true techniques for identifying illnesses; prescribe only the proper treatment in the proper doses; and always – always – re-evaluate our approach to curing illnesses until we make the individual – and therefore society – whole.


Scalar Technology

The basis for all the bodies communication. Especially the immune system!!

Even if a person is known to have a history of mental challenges., the trauma is not often treated because the people are not aware that these disorders have been exacerbated.

Screening and Assessment are necessary tools to determine if Psychological Trauma actually exists; if it does - what is the extent of the illness; and finally, what treatment offers the best chance of success.