Fear of failure, panic attacks, social anxiety, clinical depression, performance anxiety, suicide, suicidal thoughts, social isolation, traumatic and stressful events, social phobia, panic disorder, and anger are just a few of the mental health issues facing today’s professional gamer.


To guide esports professionals on ways to control stress, increase resilience and boost self-esteem, to navigate their life’s challenges of social, emotional and cognitive development while they pursue their goals and aspirations and beyond.

The Process

Conduct a full body assessment using cutting edge technology. Investigate and interpret the data and depth of any potential or anticipated challenges of brain function. Determine the potential for the client to present with anxious distress, melancholic, mixed or psychotic features, or catatonic depression. Each degree of emotional pain requires a different approach to healing.

The process will clarify the neurobiological basis of any psychological concerns. The old dated process of Rorschach test is no longer relevant in the new era of computer games.

the Plan

Conduct Assessment

Create Individual Treatment Plan

Prescribe Individual long-term management and maintenance

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Our team is availability for onsite crisis management or client will be prescribed a 3, 5, 14 or 30 day residential recovery adding years to his/her career.

Star Care is a premier provider of holistic emotional wellness services. Their expert team has developed the most effective methods, currently known to man, to eradicate the cycle of pain and emotions as they relate to illness. Individualized services are customized and scientifically delivered by a Dr. Hicks-Ray and her expert staff.

Denyse Hicks-Ray Ph.D., BCETS, FAAETS - Founding Director – Psychological Trauma Specialist

For over 25 years, Dr. Ray has been dedicated to improving the mental health of athletes, entertainers, high job stress individuals, and their families. A clinical and forensic psychologist with a specialized focus on cultural trauma. Dr. Ray has served with the 16th Surgeon General of the United States. Dr. Ray is no stranger to the treatment of trauma. She is a retired first responder, who has assisted with the healing of this nation’s most traumatized citizens on the front lines of some of our worst national disasters (Columbine, Katrina, 911, Oklahoma City and others).\

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