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There for your people at their time of need

Reduce symptoms associated with anxiety and depression in just two weeks.

Schedule Introduction Call

30 - Mins - 1 Hour

We talk about you and how we personalize our process to your schedule and needs.


Full Body Assessment

Determine the potential for the client to present with anxious distress, melancholic, mixed or psychotic features, or catatonic depression.

Using noninvasive, 22nd Century technology our cutting edge assessment will identify and eradicate the cycle of physical and emotional pain as they relate to identity, PTSD, stress, performance anxiety, addiction, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health challenges.

The other top priority is to ensure that we focus on addressing the underlying issues behind your illness, injury, or behavior.  


Intro Mental Health Spa Retreat

6 Hours   Total

120 Minutes - Non - invasive Bio Scan 

30 Minutes - Sana

60 Minutes - Messages

120 -Minutes Organize Stress Relief 

60 Minutes - Mental Wellness Session


Full Mental Health Treatment

Treatments are customized and delivered by Dr. Hicks-Ray and her expert staff

Prescribe Individual long-term management and maintenance

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We employ only tried-and-true techniques for identifying illnesses; prescribe only the proper treatment in the proper doses; and always – always – re-evaluate our approach to curing illnesses until we make the individual – and therefore society – whole.


Group Sessions / Workplaces / Teams

 Dr. Denyse Hicks-Ray and Trauma Services Associates. Dr. Hicks-Ray and her expert team facilitates corporate mental health trainings and individual treatment plans for all mental health issues, especially addiction, anxiety, depression, workplace trauma and the importance of seeking help. 

Trauma impacts every aspect of a person’s effectiveness in the workplace. Traumatized workers are compromised in their ability to learn, think, manage change, and relate to others. They are more likely to have mental and physical health problems, including depression and substance abuse, two of the costliest health problems in the workplace today.


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